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Tips For Applicants: Resume Guide

To increase your chances of being contacted for a position with Veritam Corp, submitting a solid, well-structured resume is vital. Please review the top 5 resume building tips below:

We are reviewing numerous resumes at a time; keep yours as brief as possible.  The built-in software spell check feature is a plus but is not always accurate so make sure that you double check before submitting.

Even if your contact information is current in the application system, make sure it is also correct on all documents that you submit.

When listing tasks and responsibilities from previous positions make sure to include your most significant accomplishments while in those roles. The ultimate goal is to portray yourself as an invaluable asset to a team and company. Don’t assume we know everything about your employment history and experience.

In addition to years of experience, also list the months you were employed with past companies.

List all applicable certifications and the highest level of education you have achieved.

Also, add specific software, platforms and systems you are proficient in working with, as well as laws and regulations you are familiar with that directly relate to the position you are applying to.

Most importantly, always be accurate and sincere.